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Season Passes

Season passes are the best way to enjoy the slopes.  Ski all day every day!  We've also added Twilight Passes and Select-a-Night Passes to give your family more cost effective ways to enjoy the great outdoors.

The $299 Swain Season Pass Sale is back!!!

Beginning Saturday, Feb. 18th, ski the rest of this year and all of next year for only $299 per person. This is up to 50% off the sticker price. This sale only lasts for one week before the price goes up to the next level so hurry!

Season Pass Sale Dates:

Feb. 18th - Feb. 26th - 2017/18 Season Pass only $299 per person - Ski the rest of this season FREE!

Feb. 27th - Mar. 15th - 2017/18 Season Pass goes up to $329 per person - Ski the rest of this season FREE!

March 16th - 2017/18 Season Pass goes up to Full Price - as high as $599 per person.

NEW THIS YEAR! 10 Pack of All Day Lift Tickets Sale!!!

Swain is proud to introduce a new sale geared toward families who are only able to ski a few times throughout the winter. For a limited time only, Swain is offering a 10 pack of all day, fully transferable lift tickets. These lift tickets will be redeemable after March 1st this year or anytime next season. NO BLACKOUT DATES!

10 Pack Sale Dates:

Feb. 18th - Feb. 26th - $299 (a savings of $241) - Redeemable March 1, 2017 thru all of next season!!! That's over a full winter to use your 10 pack!

Feb. 27th - Mar. 15th - $329 (a savings of $211) - Redeemable March 1, 2017 thru all of next season!!! That's over a full winter to use your 10 pack!

March 16th - The 10 pack will no-longer be for sale!!!

Please note: The 10 packs have no blackout dates and are fully transferable. However, there will be no refunds granted for 10 packs. You have until the end of the NEXT SEASON (2017/18 season) to use your 10 packs. After next season, any unused tickets will no-longer be valid.


 2017/18 Early Bird Season Pass Sale Feb. 18 - 26  Feb. 27 - Mar. 15 After Mar. 15
Single $299 $329 $599
Family of 2 $598 $658 $999
Family of 3 $897 $987 $1399
Family of 4 $1196 $1316 $1799
Family Max $1495 $1645 $2099
Senior (ages 65 - 74) $299 $499 $499
Student Pass (ages 8 - 22) $299 $399 $399
Twilight $299 $299 $299
Select-a-Night (Sun, Mon, Tues, or Wed) $139 $139 $139
Select-a-Night (Thurs, Fri, or Sat) $169 $169 $169
Locker $250 $250 $250
10 Pack of All Day (fully transferable) $299 $329 NA

Family Rates are for parents or guardians and their children. Dependents are under the age of 22 at time of payment, living at home or attending college full time.  Dependent persons are those claimed on your Federal Tax Return for 2016.

Anyone 8 by December 1, 2017 must pay full price.

Ages 7 & Under on December 1, 2017 are FREE with paying adult; Ages 75 & Up at time of payment are FREE anytime, photo ID required

College students must present or send a copy of photo college ID before Student Pass will be issued

2016-2017 Benefits

Passholder Coupons
  • $25 All Day Lift Ticket (fully transferable)
  • 50% off one (1) First Turns Learn to Ski or Board package. (fully transferable)
  • 50% off one (1) Second Turns Learn to Ski or Board package. (fully transferable)
  • 25% off one (1) Group Lesson. (fully transferable)'
  • 25% off one (1) Private Lesson. (fully transferable)
  • Buy one/get one entree in the Shawmut Grille.
  • 25% off one (1) tuning package at the Shop@Swain.
  • $25 off the purchase of $100 or more in the Shop@Swain.
  • One (1) FREE NASTAR entry.
  • One (1) FREE round of golf at Woodlynn Hills in 2017.
  • One (1) FREE round of golf at Hornell Golf Club in 2017.
  • $25 off camping accommodations at Cherry Hill Campground near Darien Lake.

Reciprocals With Other Ski Mountains
  • One (1) FREE 8-hour lift ticket at Holiday Valley*
  • One (1) FREE “Unlimited” lift ticket at Ski Sawmill*
  • Purchase a $15.00 lift ticket to Hunt Hollow*
  • One (1) FREE All Day lift ticket to the Buffalo Ski Club*
  • One (1) FREE “Unlimited” lift ticket at Snow Ridge*
  • Two (2) FREE All Day lift tickets to Crystal Mountain Resort*
  • One (1) FREE 30-day membership to Penfield Sport & Fitness*

*Restrictions apply.  Season Pass Holders/Members of the respective ski area must present their picture pass as proof of membership to receive the stated discount.

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