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Season Passes

2016-2017 Season Passes Are On Sale Now


* Every year, Swain offers several coupons and free vouchers for various local summer activities for those who purchase season passes during the spring sale. Below is a list of the vouchers.

Online ordering will be available soon

2016-2017 Season Pass Vouchers

One FREE 18-hole golf game at Woodlynn Hills Golf Course.
One FREE 18-hole golf game at Hornell Golf Club.
50% off the 2016 Octoberfest Beer Tasting on Oct 15th.
A FREE 30-day membership at Penfield Sport & Fitness.
$5 off an end of season ski/board wax.
$15 Bring a Friend All Day Lift Ticket (Saves $39!)
15% off anything in The Shop @ Swain
Free Summer locker storage added onto an existing locker rental

2015-2016 Reciprocals (for anyone who purchased a 2015-2016 full season pass)*:

One FREE 8-hour lift ticket at Holiday Valley any non-holiday weekday during the 2015-16 winter season.
 One FREE 8-hour lift ticket at Ski Sawmill any non-holiday weekday during the 2015-16 winter season.
Swain Season Pass Holders may purchase $15.00 lift tickets at Hunt Hollow on any non-holiday weekday (Wednesday through Friday 10am – 9pm) during the 2015-2016 season.

Season Pass Holders/Members of the respective ski area must present their picture pass as proof of membership to receive the stated discount.

2015-2016 Season Pass Vouchers*:

A $25 All Day Lift Ticket
50% off a First Turns Learn to Ski package to share with a friend
50% off a Second Turns Learn to Ski package to share with a friend
25% off Triple Down three day lesson package to share with a friend
One Buy One Get One FREE ticket to Gunny’s Gorge tube park
$25 off a purchase of $100 or more in the Shop@Swain on a regularly priced item
25% off of a Stone Grind in the Shop@Swain
One FREE evening of NASTAR racing
20% off a Private Lesson
25% off of our new Triple Down three day lesson package

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