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Ski and Snowboard Lessons at Swain

Ski and Snowboard Lessons at Swain

Conditions are great today, with a 17 to 50 inch base!  Our terrain will entertain the first timer, seasoned expert, and everyone in between! Over the years our snow making system has been transformed to put out more snow, using less power which is good for all of us!. Now we can run the system more, putting out high quality snow! Our crews have been out on the mountain since mid November, making plenty of what we all love to slide on, and 29 of our 30 trails are open thanks to their work and the snows that have blessed us so far. We have also added to our fleet of groomers, and brought back a master operator to keep the slopes in shape! Come to Swain, you owe it to yourself.





Machine Groomed / Powder
14" - 54" base
Open Lifts: - Quad 1 - Quad 3

TrailStatusRecent SnowmakingRecent GroomingNight Ski?
Mile SweepopennoYesYes
Lower MileopennoYesYes
Promenade (Black Forest)opennoYesYes
Shadow MountainopennoYesYes
Lower BreweropennoYesYes
Lower RobinsonopennoYesYes
Round TopopennoYesYes
Magic MountainopennoYesYes
TrailStatusRecent SnowmakingRecent GroomingNight Ski?
Dozey DoeopennoNoNo
Ben BlakeleyopennoNoNo
The PassopennoYesNo
Fool's GoldopennoYesNo
Bandit's PassopennoNoNo
TrailStatusRecent SnowmakingRecent GroomingNight Ski?
The GladeopennoNoNo
Upper RattleropennoYesYes
Lower RattleropennoYesYes
Zero-G (Pines)opennoYesYes
Old MainopennoYesYes
Robin's WayclosednoNoNo
Wheel's RunopennoYesYes
Glenn's RunopennoYesYes
Brewer's RunopennoYesYes
Dave's RunopennoYesYes
Robinson's RunopennoYesYes
Last WillopennoYesYes
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