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Swain Resort

Due to Winter Storm Stella, the 2017/18 Season Pass sale has been extended until this Sunday night. Buy next year's pass for only $329 per person. A season pass at Swain is the best way to enjoy what nature has to offer. Ski as much as you'd like, whenever you'd like. For anyone who doesn't currently have a pass, buy next year's today and we'll let you ski the rest of this year FREE. Click the box below for more details about the season pass sale or to find out about our limited 10 pack sale of All Day Lift Tickets.


With 33 trails, 5 lifts, and 2 terrain parks, there is something for every age & ability.


Ski or board together in the day and relax with each other mountain-side at night.


From live music to special events, there's always something going on here at Swain.

Ski School and Kids Programs

Don’t let fear keep you from fun. Taking your first runs on the mountain may seem like a daunting endeavor. Give us the opportunity to show you just how easy and enjoyable it can be with a lesson package perfectly suited for you. Our Snowsports school has youth packages, adult packages, camps, and clinics geared toward turning anyone into snow lover for life!

Youth Lessons

Get your kids out of the house! Allow us to show your kids that playing in the snow is better than being trapped inside. We’ve got lessons and all-inclusive packages geared toward children ages 4 to 12 of any ability. If they are looking for something to do during school breaks, our Glacier Riders Camps are a perfect fit! We also offer two weekly programs, Trail Blazers and Mountain Monsters, both aimed at furthering their passion for the great outdoors.

Adult & Teen Lessons
It’s never too late to learn and you’re never too good for a lesson! For adult and teen beginners, our all-inclusive lesson packages are perfect for getting you comfortable with the mountain. We offer a First Turns package for those who’ve never tried the sport and a Second Turns package suited for those returning after a prolonged absence. Swain Snowsports School also offers both group and private lessons for every ability to help you hone your skills.

Monroe County Parks
Learn to ski or snowboard right in Monroe County! Powder Mills and Northampton Parks provide an inviting, accessible atmosphere that is comfortable for any beginner. Each location has rental equipment and experienced ski and snowboard instructors on-hand, ready to teach you the fundamental skills to enjoy a lifetime of skiing or snowboarding. Enroll in any of our 3-day holiday camps or one of our 5-time weekly lesson programs.

Become a season pass holder

Season passes are the most cost effective way to enjoy skiing and boarding all season long. Not only do we have our traditional season passes, but this year we’ve also added Twilight and Select-a-Night season passes to give you more control over when and how you chose to ski at Swain. For those families looking to come only a few times together, we have lowered the cost of our 8 pack of All Day lift tickets.
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Swain Resort