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Trail Report

Thank you for visiting our Snow Conditions and Trail Report page. Please scroll below for up to the minute snow conditions as well as what trails are open on the mountain. We have broken down our list of trails based on ability level.

Due to the forecasted Rain, Swain Resort is now closed for the 206-2017 ski season.  

Thanks to all of our loyal customers, season passholders, and staff that helped to make the season great despite the lack of cooperation from Mother Nature!

Please join us for our Snowmobile Hill Climb on Saturday, April 1. 

Beginner Trails


Trail Name Status Times Available
Magic Mountain Closed Day & Night
Shadow Mountain Closed Day & Night
Round Top Closed Day & Night
Lower Robinson Closed Day & Night
Lower Brewer Closed Day & Night
Upper Mile Sweep Closed Day & Night
Lower Mile Sweep Closed Day & Night
Black Forest Closed Day Only
Promenade Closed Day Only

Intermediate Trails

Trail Name Status Times Available
Clark Closed Day & Night
80 Acres Closed Day & Night
Testament Closed Day Only
The Pass Closed Day Only
Fools Gold Closed Day Only
Bandits Pass Closed Day Only
Lower Twister Closed Day Only
Maverick Closed Day Only
Dozey Doe Closed Day Only
Ben Blakley Closed Day Only
Allegany Glades Closed Day Only
Hidden Shadows Closed Day Only
Shakey's Trees Closed Day Only

Advanced Trails

Trail Name Status Times Available
Wheel's Run Closed Day & Night
Upper Robinson Closed Day & Night
Upper Brewer Closed Day & Night
Glenns Run Closed Day & Night
Pines Closed Day & Night
Rattler Closed Day & Night
Old Main Closed Day & Night
Robin's Way Closed Day Only
Dave's Run Closed Day Only
Last Will Closed Day Only
Outlaw Closed Day Only
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Swain Resort